Friday, March 28, 2003 Double Standard on Geneva Convention complaint

Remember John Walker Lindh, the young American who was caught fighting with the Taliban in Afghanistan? Back in December 2001, television stations throughout this country aired a videotape of him being interviewed by a CIA agent who was later killed during an uprising among Taliban prisoners.

At one point in that video Lindh - who was being held by the Northern Alliance, a CIA-backed paramilitary group - was kicked in the stomach and threatened with death. Instead of condemning the videotaping of this prisoner and his mistreatment, ABC and CBS teamed up to buy the rights to show it. And then later after Lindh was wounded during the prison uprising, a freelance CNN reporter videotaped an interview with him as he was being carried away on a stretcher.

A couple of months later the freelance reporter was invited onto the Fox News Network to discuss his interview of the wounded prisoner. No mention was made of the Geneva Convention or Lindh's rights under that treaty.


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