Monday, April 14, 2003

Thank God for the safe return of our POWs, we also pray for the POW from the First Gulf War.

Quite frankly, I am surprised at N. Korea, heartened, but surprised. I think we scared the barjesus out of them in showing that a regime can be targetted and eradicated without targetting the people themselves. N. Korea would be a difference situation but theit 1 million man army makes them vulnerable. A couple of MOABs and Daisy Cutters can cut the heart out of any army. It seems that wars are easier when they involve occupation and invasion and so we could avoid a Vietnam type situation if the purpose would be to enter and occupy Pyongyang.

Anyway, no one is going to war, especially not with N. Korea because Japan and S. Korea do not want war. Syria and Iran are the next ones on the shelf and I'm sure they are revising and looking at those war scenarios. However, it would be a horrible mistake to attack Iran. Syria, I'm not so sure, they harbor terrorists, but unlike Iran, there is no undercurrent of reform. Iran does pose an interesting situation because it is not an Arab state and thus there is less of a complication there. I think weilding a big stick and a carrot with Iran may be very fruitful.


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