Friday, April 04, 2003

An Australian reporter noted a difference in the way CNN International and BBC report the war. He noted that BBC has more of a personal "on-the-ground" feel, as opposed to CNN which is replete with official statements. It does make sense. In the US we expect the authorities to tell the truth and go on record so that if they provide misleading statements, then they pejure themselves. So I guess news tends to be reported from the top down: official statements are gotten and the situation on the ground is ascertained to see if there is a correspondence. I guess the BBC works with the situation the ground and fit official statements into the story as the seem to fit.

One thing that I have notice is the superior fluency and facility the British have with the language and they seem to be generally smarter. Now it could be that they sound smarter because they speak better, who knows.It's all just an observation.


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