Thursday, May 15, 2003

Between West Wing and Fox's 24, Vice Presidents and the 25th Ammendment have been given a run for their money. West Wing's president invoked the 25th ammendment so as to preserve the objectivity of the Office in dealing with his daughter's kidnapping. I think this use of the 25th makes far more sense than on 24. The John Goodman twist was quite good. I think of him less as Roseanne's hubby and more as a dark type from the movie Fallen. I think he is going to definitely make the first few episodes of next Fall very interesting. His character showed quite clearly that he intends to step in boldly into the office.

The only weakness in the storyline was this. The VP had to resign a couple of episodes ago because of a scandal. Now, the President finds himself in a position in which he cannot trust himself, but the VP position is vacant and thus no VP to turn things over to. What I fail to understand is why the President didn't pick a VP, Leo for instance, and then have him ascend to the Presidency? It makes much more sense than handing power over to a Republican Speaker of the House. Even if the VP picked would have had to undergo Senate confirmation, I don't imagine that would have been a problem.


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