Monday, September 08, 2003

The Bills are back!!!

great game yesterday--great shalacking of the Pats, especially since the Patriots have had the Bills in their back pockets the past few years. Many of us Bills fans knew that this Bills team is the real deal but no one's been looking their way.

I was happy with the performance overall. All division rivals lost this weekend and even more importantly,t he Bills beat a division rival, which gives them a couple of favorable tie-breakers.

I was dissappointed with the D-line because it didn't get as many sacks, but the overall scheme put pressure on Brady and now, the defense has become opportunistic.

The running game was a dissappointment too but I was glad that they let Henry carry 28 times even though he only gained about 85 yards on almost 30 carries. that O-line needs to begin punching some major holes.

My early AFC championship picks are Bills vs. Titans and I pick the Bills to play Tampa Bay in the Superbowl.


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