Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Kerry Wins!

John Kerry made the point yesterday that to get 40% of the vote in a six person field is remarkable. What was even more remarkable was the absolute failure of the Dean effort. Dean got less than half of Kerry'vote, even though he had twice the money, thousands more foot soldiers, better organization, and major endorsements.

I think people look at Kerry and see someone who can be president and who we can be proud of on the world stage. Imagine if Dean was president and lost his temper with Kim Jong Il: "Sit down you moron, you've had your say, now I'll have mine!!!" I think a potential moment like that scared people away from him.

We weren't surprised that Kerry won, those of us who work with the campaign, what surprised us was the margin and the collapse of the Dean and Gepahrdt network. BTW, watch the scramble begin for the Unions. If they are smart, they'll go to Kerry this time.

People are saying that all this bodes better for Edwards who didn't have to win and now has momentum goint to the South. But what must be realized now is that Kerry now has major momentum going into the South too and just as Edwards has stolen major thunder up north, Kerry can steal some thunder in the South. He can do well in Oklahoma, South Carolina, Arizona and New Mexico. Also, Kerry is the only candidate that has ever connected this way with Veterans. Thousands came out to support him in Iowa, from all over the nation. I think the veteran connection will bode well for him in South Carolina and Arizona.

Again, the media is missing the real story of NH. Kerry jump 9% last week, Clark is tapering off and Dean has plateaued. I hope Kerry can post a strong second and we'll be in good shape for the Feb 3 race.


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