Sunday, February 13, 2005

Blade II

My theory in life is that there are no bad movies. I don't mean that there are no movies that do not pass the threshhold of patheticness, its just that in my heart of heart, I find it impossible to believe that there are movie people out there that are so stupid that they'd shell out millions to make something bad.

So it is with this mindset that I stumbled on Blade II this evening as I was trying to relax. I simply do not know what to say. I am one who celebrates bad movies. I enjoy bad movies with the best of them, but some movies are just . . . how to say it . . . bad. Of course, not one to pass up a bad movie, I settled in and am left speechless.

I will say this though, in defense of the movie. There is a fight scene at the end between Blade and some vampire chomping dude. That has to be the best fight scene I have ever witnessed. Maybe that's the one positive thing I can take away from this. That said, no movie should be this bad.


Blogger Christopher said...

Oh, surely you jest. Blade II was entertaining, and the special effects were incredible. If you want a truly bad film, try sitting through Battlefield Earth with John Travolta. There's just no comparison! =)

1:36 PM  

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