Thursday, February 10, 2005

Giant Squids

Down time and I am watching a bad sci fi movie about a giant squid. I love bad movies. But I particularly like this one because of the squid. I used to watch MSNBC's National Geographic show on Saturday pretty regularly until my schedule changed. But I did see one on giant squid in Mexico.

They went down to this Mexican fishing village where squid were in abundance. But these things are deadly and every fisherman knew someone who had been killed by the squids. In fact the waters were so dangerous that if you fell overboard you were presumed dead.

Some brave nutty soul actually dives down and observes these things. They are HUGE. They attack and he says you have to be aggressive or they will kill you. They are so dangerous and have killed so many that most of the fishermen would not even eat them, even though they fish thousands of pounds of these things daily.

BTW, the movie is called The Beast and it has the CSI guy in it.


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