Monday, February 14, 2005

General Valentine's Day Stuff

I complained yesterday about how unusually bad Blade II is even though I generally subscribe to the notion that there are no bad movies. Well I did find a redeeming quality which I mentioned, the last fight scene. That was original-matrix good. Comparing that to the fight scene in Matrix II, which were a joke, Blade II rocked.

Being that it is Valentine's day, i thought I'd tip my hat to the bad and cheesy attempt at vampiric romance. Once again, Blade does not do sex, he either sucks the blood of the woman he loves as in Blade or he lets the woman he loves suck his blood. How sweet (no pun intended). Well the vampiric romantic scene was the final scene. Vampire girlfriend is dying, having been bitten by her rabid brother with whom Blade fought and kicked butt. In that scene, as Blade holds her gently and strokes her hair, she asks to see a sunlight. (Note, as a vampire, her life has consisted entirely of shadows). So in the brisk dawn morning, just before the sun rises, Blade carries her out. She leans on him as he strokes her hair and they both watch the sun rising and as it rises she burns away until all this left is memory and dust in Blade's lap and wistful, longing and lonely Blade.

Okay, moment over.

I heard a regular real life person today use the contract, "I shan't." I had to ask, "did you just say, I shan't?"

"Why of course, it is a sign of breeding."

"Pray tell, where are you from?"


It's not all Red you know.

On a sad note, Drew Bledsoe may be leaving the Buffalo Bills because the idiots who run these things want him to be a backup. So we'll go from a 9-7 team that just missed the playoffs to a rebuilding team with a year old rookie quaterback. I guess all those hopes of perhaps shooting for a superbowl next year were misplaced. What was I thinking?

I'm going calm down and not even worry about this because if I keep thinking about, I might get a stroke. I mean, come on, what are they thinking? . . . (calm down)

For lent, I've been reading Newman's sermons and summarizing them and reflecting on them. It has worked out well, serving the dual purpose of spiritual reading and dissertation work. I've always said reading Newman was like reading German philosophers. Sometimes, he just plain doesn't make any sense. Today, I started reading a sermon called "On Self-Contemplation." Two pages into this thing, I have absolutely no idea what he was talking about, and I'm no Newman slouch! So I strolled over to an easier sermon and almost shook the dust off my feet at that sermon. Maybe when I have more time, I'll sit down with it and just simply parse out all those ten clause sentences. Although, I have to give the award for most ridiculous writing to Karl Rahner. We actually counted a sentence with 26 clauses if I recall correctly. This was in his foundations. That absolutely makes zero sense. The point of language is too communicate not obfuscate.


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