Wednesday, February 09, 2005

John Henry Newman Lenten Reading

Plain and Parochial Sermons, Sermon 16: The Christian Mysteries

I've decided to read Newman's sermons from his Plain and Parochial Sermons for Lent. My goal is to read and summarize a sermon each day of lent. Obviously that will not be possible, but I will try. I will post a bullet point summary of the sermon and then a short reflection on my Newman dissertation blog. If I actually end up reading and summarizing no less than 35 sermons, I will eat 50 meatballs at the conclusions of lent.

In grad school years ago, a friend of ours was challenged to eat 50 cafetaria meatballs. Till this day his records of 43 meatballs still stands. But this is not a record that cannot be broken. I then boasted that I could eat 5 whole chickens. I tell you, you'd be amazed just how much meat is on one chicken. I'm not sure where all this is going.

Anyway, at Mass I got the "dust thou art, to dust shalt thou return" treatment. I hadn't heard that in a while.


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