Thursday, February 10, 2005

Tech Support Request

I bought an Iomage zip drive last year and it has gone caput on me. I need to call them to see if they'll replace it. I doubt it. Frustrating.

Because I am desparate, I went to Staples and asked someone for assistance getting a CD writer so that I can save my stuff on CDs. The young man was nice and recommended a CD writer which I promptly purchased. Well, it turns out that it was one of those units that works internally and not for a laptop, which is what I have. I was hoping for a USB portable external unit. So I returned it.

1) Anyone have ideas on what may be wrong with my Iomega drive? For some reason, it does not read the disks inserted and when it does, i get the whole business about not being formatted. I format and still nothing.

2) Anyone have ideas of a good, solid dependable CD writer unit? I am tempted to go through Dell so that I can get a unit that fits my Inspiron 8200 perfectly and also get the tech support that comes with my computer. I'm not sure though if that'll be a waste of money. I've had my Dell for a little over a year, since my Gateway crashed and one concern is that if I get a Dell specific unit, how long will the Dell last? Any thoughts would be very helpful. Thanks.


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