Friday, February 25, 2005

I Want to Believe

Peter Jennings did an ABC Prime Time Special on UFO's last nite. I was glad to see someone with his stature and journalistic credibility give the issue some coverage.

As you probably can see from my sci fi novel in the side bar (hint) I am a believer in the whole nine yards. I believe that there is life and civilizations out there. I have been agnostic about if they exist among us. Sometimes, I feel that way, other times, I'm not so sure. Well, after last nite's show, I am convinced that we have them among us and that they have infiltrated our government.

One of the eye openers was that the Air Force did numerous investigations and finally concluded that there were UFOs and not from our world, but the Pentegon repeatedly killed the investigations and finally shut them up for good. There are folks in the military and in the government who know the truth. I just wonder how they can in good faith participate in such a deception for so long.

Here in Waldorf, in Southern Maryland, last year there was a UFO sighting. Waldorf is 20 minutes from Andrews Airforce Base and a couple of F-16s were seen chasing this UFO. It was reported on the news and in the Washington Post. I never really followed up though.

Tonight's the Greatest Night of SciFi Ever, with our regular full complement of Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Gallactica. In light of that I was dissapointed that Jennings did not investigate if there is a Stargate, any alien artifacts, or techonological repositories by the Ancients, in the possession of the U.S. Air Force. All he had to do was ask them up front and make then categorically deny it. Speaking of denials, they showed how the Air Force keeps issuing "case-closed" reports on Roswell, denying that any UFO thing happened there. Now they say it was some secret military aircraft project called "mogul" that crashed. Yeah right. I understand that they want to keep alien technology out of the hands of the Russians and the Chinese, but enough is enough, we need the truth and we want it now.


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