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Upcoming U.S./American Saints Attractions

I like to speculate. So there . . .

JPII is not American but I see an expedited saint process for him. Conservatives are going to try very hard to tag him with a "the great" appelation. But it's not going to stick. But his chances of sainthood are a slam dunk.

I mentioned earlier that I see Terri Schaivo as another saint in the works. Her process will be expedited too in order to get things done while the base is still riled up. Already we hear people speak of the "passion of Terri" and the "beauty of her soul" etc. Her chances are B+/A-

Mother Angelica--She'll be with us for a while, but I remember telling someone years ago that I believe she'll be the next major American saint. Why? She's single-handedly changed the face of Catholicism in the 20th century. I think her influence outshines even the Pope. Add to the fact that she's had health issues and there's a huge fan base for her, she's is destined for canonization.

Now, some may argue that her cause will be opposed because she did things like encourage people to disobey the Bishops. Are you kidding? That'll be a badge of honor, especially since her spat was with Mahoney. BTW, more Bishops are on her side than not. Her chances are A/A+.

Audrey. She's the girl who has been in a coma for years but has the stigmata and bleeds during holy week. She'll be around a long while. Her chances A+

There are of course many others in the works of people who are actually deceased, but what's the fun in speculating there? I know the founder of the Knights of Columbus is in the works. Also, Henrietta DeLille, founder of one the few Black religious orders is in the works as is Pierre Tousaint, Black gentleman from New York. These and others would create stirs within limited communities, but wouldn't generate the attention of the aforementioned.

It would interesting if there was a central place that chronicled current causes for U.S. saints. I imagine there are a bunch in the works, especially founders of religious orders. But wait . . . I spoke too soon. As I speak, I see this site which has info on American saints and causes in the works. Here's another site.

BTW, my remarks and speculations are not endorsements, just speculating. I would be repulsed by any further political grandstanding if Terri Schaivo's cause is pushed. As for Mother Angelica, I cringe at the misery she has unleashed on the Church, but if she isn't qualified for sainthood, it's hard to argue who is. I was greatly dependent on EWTN for years and I know many newcomers into the Church depend on EWTN just to get a sense of what's going on. I suppose we take the grain of goodness with the conservative misery heaped upon us.

I am extremely cycnical about the whole sainthood thing. For me, it is a solely PR/political move that means very little in actuality. The Church uses saints for PR and to make points. Hey, they can do whatever floats their boat. If I were in charge, I'd do the same. You have to find positive ways to inspire and control the sheep.

What I find amusing, coming from a Protestant background, is that "saints" was a common term used to describe Christians, just like you would say "brother" or "sister." But in the Catholic Church, it comes as revelation to many that we are all saints and that's how the term is used in Scripture. But why tell everyone that? It doesn't serve the purposes of the powers that be.


Blogger Nate said...

Sometimes I wonder if it's still appropriate for me to call myself "progressive" or "liberal." Apparently it is "conservatives" who will want to tag Pope John Paul II with "the Great," but I would like that too. I suspect the difference is that while many conservatives agree with every utterance out of the Holy Father's mouth, I don't, but I still believe he was a great man and one of the greatest Popes in the Church's history. Despite my disagreements with him, I do believe that he is Pope John Paul the Great.

I've said before that I don't think Terri Schiavo will be canonized. I stick to that. Nor am I certain that she should be. We know that she was bulimic, and we also know that there's a strong possibility that she told her husband she wanted her feeding tube removed. In my mind, that's not someone we necessarily want to elevate to the cause of sainthood. It's nothing against her, I think she was probably a great person, and I think she'll be with God (maybe after some time through Purgatory). But not every good person is to be canonized.

I have mixed feelings about Mother Angelica. I think she will be canonized. My jury is still out on whether or not this will be a good thing.

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