Wednesday, April 06, 2005

American Idol Analysis Week 9

So far I am 1 for 3. Not good. Here's my original order of picks

This week's theme was Musicals:

Nikko Smith--This dude needs to get a new wardrobe consultant. I didn't like his song, but again, he has his style and is sticking with it. We'll see.

Nadia Turner--Sang a song about love from the musical "Oliver" which is actually a delightful musical,the problem is that Nadia is not. The song is not a great one and one has energy in the context of the musical. Poor performance, but the judges liked it.

Scott Savol--I don't know why he pick to "dream the impossible dream . . ." His voice is just not up to it. Average and boring performance. He's safe.

Vonzell Solomon--She is growing on people, I think. She's got the big voice and delivered. She's safe.

Bo Bice--It is very possible that he closed his eyes and picked a song out of a hat. At one point they showed the audience and it was still. Not even Paula could manufacture enthusiasm. But the judges were tripping over each other to congratulate him. He's safe.

Anthony Federov--Like Simon said, "hideous." He sang a favorite of mine from The Sound of Music, "Climb Every Mountain." It was bad, but I think older ladies like him. They want to squeeze his cheeks. He's safe.

Constantine Maroulis--Very confident. Sounds very much like Sting. I think he's got his thing going on. Safe.

Anwar Robinson--Simon said it well, he is a comfortable singer. I think he did well. Safe.

Carrie Underwood--Sang a boring song from King and I. What was she thinking? Anyway, all she need to do is coast. The judges can't heap enough praise.

Overall, average performances. Of all the musicals out there, is it that difficult to pick great songs? No. No one touched Andrew Lloyd Weber's stuff from Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats and the Phantom. No one sang, "There's a place for us . . ." from West Side Story. There are more examples. Anyway, for my prediction.

I predict Nadia is a goner. She has no fan base, her songs are not appealing, no one can figure her out. She's done.

Update: Apparently Scott Savol has a domestic violence past problem (hat tip: Nathan)


Blogger Nate said...

I think this is pretty much right on, except that I think Scott will go tomorrow because of something not related to tonight's show. It came out in the news last week that he has been arrested twice -- once for domestic violence (but he plead to a misdemeanor for disorderly conduct), and once for trespassing at a high school in Shaker Heights, OH. He told the show about this beforehand which is why they didn't kick him off, but I think the domestic violence thing is going to make him lose his fan base, which are mostly girls who think he's adorable in a not attractive sort of way.

And then I think Nadia will go next week.

I think either Constantine, Bo, or Vonzell will win the contest.

12:47 AM  
Blogger Ono said...

Oh, I did not know about Scott's issues. He did seem subdued. I think his fans may be willing to forgive him, I dunno. It'll be interesting to see.

7:20 AM  
Blogger Talmida said...

Ono, you're the one guy I know will appreciate this.


9:42 PM  

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