Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mining Later Rounds in the NFL Draft

From the Rochester R&D

"There's a lot more talent out there than people think," Beebe said. "And it isn't all restricted to the big schools."

Finds such as Beebe and Reed — a fourth-rounder out of Kutztown (Pa.) State — are reminders that big-play players can come from small schools.

They also are reminders that it doesn't always matter in which round you're chosen. Multi-million dollar scouting departments make errors in judgment. Witness Tom Brady, a sixth-round pick of the New England Patriots, and Joe Montana, a third-round selection of the San Francisco 49ers. Between the two, they have seven Super Bowl rings.

"There's a funny story regarding the drafting of Montana," Levy said. "San Francisco coach Bill Walsh really wanted to pick quarterback Steve Fuller that year (1979), but I was with the Kansas City Chiefs at the time, and we wanted him, too. So we took Fuller and Walsh called and cussed me out. He had to settle for this skinny kid out of Notre Dame in the third round of that draft."

A skinny kid by the name of Montana.

"Now, when I see Bill," Levy joked, "he thanks me for taking Fuller."


Blogger Ambrose said...

When you count in the smaller schools--it will be remembered either as the year that all those great receivers and backs came into the NFL, or the year they were over-hyped.
I just hope the Steelers get some right-side line talent.

2:14 PM  
Blogger Ono said...


Get the rope!

4:31 PM  

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