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Britain's election and immigration rant

I was reading a WaPo article on how the Labor Party is vulnerable on immigration issue

It is very difficult to conjure any sympathy for Great Britain. I agree that it is a small island with limited resources and there may be a real threat of unsustainability with the immigrant influx in the past five years. My problem with Great Britain is that they are whiners (Of course there is a percentage of non-whiners).

They had absolutely no problem with screwing up half the world in the past two centuries. In fact, so many of the world's problems in African and the middle east can be tied to their deliberate actions to screw things up: the deliberate drawing of arbitrary national boudaries design to create internal conflict in those countries, the deliberate infusion of strife in their colonies, totally unjust exploitation of these coutries, etc. Now the chickens are coming home to roost and we get all the whining.

When they were filling their coffers with the spoil of other nations, all was just quite lovely, now they want to extricate themselves from their history. I don't work that way.


Blogger matt said...

Are you being ironic in this posting? I cannot quite believe you could be so blinkered. I'll assume that you don't actually understand irony and go on to explain:

Has the USA done nothing to contribute to the destruction of the Earth's resources over the past 100 years, along with the American Imperialism that exploits other countries for profit and exports arms to the rest - stoking up suffering and hatred around the world?

I'm not proud of what my country has done in the past, but to say that the world's problems are mainly down to us is just crap. As you say, we are a small nation but what you fail to say is that over the past 50-100 years our influence has waned as that of the USA has waxed. It's the USA that has the power to change the world, but unfortunately at the moment it seems content to let it blindly hurtle towards its destruction.

In case you hadn't guessed, I find your sweeping statement about "whiners" offensive. Blaming me and others of us in this country for the last 200 years of history is just stupid (and I suspect there is more than a little prejudice in your ranting). As a member of the blogosphere you should know that you shouldn't take everything you read in Big Media at face value - yes even the Washington Post. There are millions of voters in this country that are sick of scaremongering about immigration from Labour and the Conservative party that will be voting for the Liberal Democrats. This country, contrary to what the Washington Post says, has a long history of immigration stretching right back to the Romans, followed by the Saxons, then the Vikings. We have had massive influxes of Jews in the distant past, and more recently people from all over the Commonwealth; West Indians, Asians from the sub-continent, Malaysians, Australians, South Africans, Zimbabweans and New Zealanders, etc. We have had many people come over from Japan, Korea, China and all over the Middle East. The vast majority have contributed richly to our country and stats show that on average they contribute more tax than those of us that were born here.

Just to end, what exactly is your country doing to Iraq if not "the deliberate drawing of arbitrary national boudaries design to create internal conflict ...the deliberate infusion of strife ...totally unjust exploitation"

As you say, "Now the chickens are coming home to roost and we get all the whining.

"When they were filling their coffers with the spoil of other nations, all was just quite lovely, now they want to extricate themselves from their history. I don't work that way."

Maybe you should take a look in the mirror.

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Blogger English Blogger (Davie B) said...

I read your blog and am amazed at how ignorant you are.

Most of Africa's countries and boarders are of French and Dutch origins. Yes England had colonies and each colony had a free right to a passport and abode in here in the UK. Why should a small country have to take every economic migrant that wants free health care and a house?

Yes the UK has an awful and tainted past, but to blame the world's ills on us like me blaming you for the Worlds pollution and over heating problems. I suggest you get your facts right before saying we are a nation of whiners who are the problem of the world. It sounds to me it is more like you are the whiner who is looking for someone to blame for your problems.

4:53 AM  
Blogger Ono said...

Whoa, let's all chill. I did say there was a percentage of non-whiners!

Also, I voted for John Kerry and Democrats, so if you want to blame someone for US Reagan or Bush policies, go blame the Republicans.

1. I am not blaming all the world's ills on Great Britain. But for a country so small, Great Britain had an inordinate impact on modern history especially in the developing world and there were mucho benefits from exploitation.

2. Has the US done its share to screw things up internationally? Yes, yes, yes. 9-11 was pay back for us and don't think we aren't keenly aware of that. But the US interventions have been more recent in the past century and the fruit of our meddling will come back to bite us in the butt moving forward.

The point is that there is always a price to pay and I'd like to see GB as well as France, the Dutch and other colonialist own up to the mess they created.

3. No one is saying GB has to take in every immigrant or the greater percentage of assylum seekers, etc. I acknowledge that GB does not have the capacity to do so and perhaps is not required to do so. But GB has a genuine responsibility to the problems in engendered, the fruit of colonialism which is the problem is a that of failed states.

Hey, we have the same problem here with slavery and the exploitation of Native Americans. The Black community is suffering today as result of hundreds of years of slavery and the US has to come to terms with that and own up to its responsibility here.

Also, Africa was decimated by slavery. For hundreds of years, its young boys, girls, men and women, the future of the continent, were kidnapped and sold into slavery, but no one wants to own to their responsibility. The US was involved here too as were other countries.

So I am looking in the mirror and there's crap everywhere. This blog post was about GB, but I have written about US and its responsibilities to its own people and to the world.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe a look at how the indigineous peoples of "Your" land were treated by your ancestors. Your lot were among the first people in the history of the earth to try genocide as an option... See the trail of tears..(look it up on google)

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