Saturday, May 21, 2005

NARAL Overplays Its Hand

Ha! I laugh

This thread at daily kos says it all.

Remember how NARAL helped drive Jim Langevin out of the senate race in Rhode Island? The argument was that we needed to have a pro-choice nominee. Well, Langevin is no longer in the race and guess what? NARAL turned around and endorsed Linc Chafee. So much for NARAL. Thus, as Ezra Klein points out, the Dems had nothing to lose in nominating Langevin. And, as he goes on to note, abortion rights would not have suffered even if he had won. Here's hoping Langevin reconsiders and enters the race.

Judging from the thread, Democrats are not happy with this backstab from NARAL. What is particularly interesting is that it is liberal Democrats sickened by NARAL. I think NARAL is playing a game with the Democratic Party. They are upset by the Party's recent pro-life friendly moves and so they pulled this to show that they can punish the party, knowing that the Democrats need them.

However, in their foolishness, they turned their liberal allies against, now the Party can stick it to NARAL at no cost or penalty. Someone at NARAL lost a few brain hinges.

Besides any organization so dumb as to preserve such a caustic name that sounds like "nasal" or "anal" can't be expected to operate rationally. Planned Parenthood is a positive name. NARAL sounds like purgative medication.


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