Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Piano Man Update: Still Unidentified


A theory that the so-called Piano Man could be Czech musician Tomas Strnad has been discounted - as Mr Strnad has been interviewed on Czech TV.
Mr Strnad confirmed on screen he was not the mystery character found wandering streets in Kent in April.

The theory had been put forward by Michael Kocab, who thought he had played in a band with the pianist he had seen on news reports from the UK. Mr Kocab now says his theory that Mr Strnad is the Piano Man was a mistake. Mr Strnad lives in Prague and has never been to England.

This is becoming like when David Copperfield made a plane in a hanger dissappear in front of scores of witnesses. At some point you have to say, "sitting airplanes in hangers simply don't dissappear." Likewise here, it can't be that difficult to get an ID on this young man after three weeks and all this publicity. Crunch, crunch, people!


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