Thursday, May 26, 2005


So, Carrie Underwood it is: our new American Idol. Someone is going to have to sit down with her and tell her to lose the curl hair. She was certainly not dressed the part tonite. She has a terrible sense of image or is allowing people with a terrible idea of image to create her image. She needs to get back to natural and simple.

I did predict she would though, right from the start. The moment she auditioned I called it. yes, I want a cookie.


Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat: did anyone, anyone, know about this guy last year? Just amazing. I do see Detroit winning the next three games. Miami gave it their best shot and one, but they can't sustain this effort against Detroit. Detroit is a crazy team in that, like San Antonio, their defensive stars are far from a liability on offense. On any given day, Rip Hamilton or Rasheed Wallace (both Washington cast aways) can give you 20+ points. Chauncy Billups is no pushover offensively, neither is Teshaun Prince. And then you have Ben Wallace who can give you 10 or so a night.

Detroit v San Antonio, San Antonio in a convincing seven.


Alias season finale

Well, well, well! So Michael Vaughn is not what he seems. Now that's a contrived but fascinating story line. At least this season ended with good suspense. The first season finale was the mother of all, when Sidney met her mom. The second season when Sidney woke up two years later in Taiwan was crap and stupid, but now we are back in business. Irena Derevko is out on the loose again, Sloan is back to his tricks, and now Vaughn is a bad guy. Not bad. There will be a season four.



We taped it and are only half way through the season finale. The pattern in 24 is that the women try to be tough and bad, but when tough things happen, they completely fall apart and become unglued. Summary, women are weak and should not be put in sensitive positions that require extreme stress. Someone on that show needs to get a clue. The unglued woman syndrome gets old after a while.

This was clearly their worst season ever and it is hard to see where they'll go from here. I hope I can wean myself off the show next season.


Blogger Ambrose said...

Dwayne Wade--You know, everytime I hear his name on TV I think they are talking about that character that was on a Different World.
I gave up on 24 in the second season. I really couldn't commit to it anymore (sad sigh).

12:52 AM  
Blogger Ono said...

That was a pretty good show, Different World. I've seen the Dwayne guy around here and there, but I guess his career did not really take off. Here I am rumor-mongering. For all I know, he could be a very successfull director, or something he always wanted to be.

10:52 AM  

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