Sunday, May 15, 2005

Pope Benedict and his Network

Via Amy Welborn

I found this Yahoo story on Pope Benedict and ordinations very amusing:

"All of us are part of the network of obedience to the word of Christ," Benedict said in his homily.

Boy, this "network" thing is gaining some traction. If you recall, Pope Benedict spoke last week about the network of witness.

Then there's this:

Catholic faithful in several parts of the world, especially in the United States, have been demoralized by scandals in which priests were accused of sexually molesting young people, many of whom had trusted and admired their parish clergy before the abuse.

Sounds like someone needed to get something off their chest.

And then this:

Benedict in his homily made no reference to the scandals, but as part of the ritual of the ordination, the pope asked Rome Cardinal Camillo Ruini of the candidates: "`Are you certain they are worthy?"

Ruini assured him they were, based on assessments from their seminaries.

I can almost hear his heat beat. "Are you certain they are worthy?" The poor Cardinal was probably sweating bullets. Now, from the report it's not clear how this transpired.

Pope Benedict: "Are you certain they are worthy?" He says in a firm regal voice.

Cardinal Ruini: (Deep breath) "Well, based on carefully researched assesments, repeated and independent psychological profiles, and extensive security background checks, we find no evidence of foul play. Further, the seminaries from which they hail have assured us that . . ."

(Ahem, the Pope coughs) "Are you certain they are worthy?"

Cardinal sweating, "Oh crap!" he thinks, "How can I be certain?" Looking at the firm face before him, the descendant of Peter, who waits impatiently for an answer. He replies meekly, "Yes, . . . I'm certain" and the inaudibly mumbles, "to the extent that anyone can be certain based on recommendations from people I have never met."


Blogger Ambrose said...

Are you sure they are worthy?
Reminds me of the scare-tactics that were used on us in Confirmation Class of the Urban Legend Confirmation Class some Bishop walked out on because they weren't ready.

11:25 PM  

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