Saturday, June 25, 2005

Oh, Gentle Snowflakes, will you ever learn?

Are we "Gentle snowflakes"? or is there one whom we do not know? Things that make you go hmmm.

Rocco responds to my criticism yesterday.

My wife has been teaching me in the past few years a couple of things. First, people cannot read your mind, so they can't know what you're thinking unless you tell them. Secondly, if you must criticize, begin with a compliment. Something like, "That guy has great teeth, but he is an idiot." You see how that clearly takes the edge off the criticism.

Anyway, I think my tone about Whispers blog was far too negative than I actually feel about the blog. I expect it to be clear that I have far more admiration for the blog and author than I have criticisms, and that should be obvious (how? you ask. I dunno, it just is obvious!!). I think what it was was that I used the blog as an occasion to vent about a pet peeve thus giving a mistaken impression.

I think Mr Palmo is doing a great job. It is refreshing to have a positive and interesting source of very good journalism in the Catholic blog world. It is infinitely better than having to check in with those who think gays are the scourge of western civilization and anything to the left of Patrick Buchanan is heresy punishable by death.

Okay, this is how the entry should have read yesterday.

I make it a point in my schedule to read Whispers in the Loggia, at least twice a week. (I generally can only make it to approx 10-20 blogs a day-counting the political ones) so it is tough to keep up. I think his blog is a refreshing addition to the Catholic blogging world with timely insights and, on the whole, balanced reporting and commentary. At times, I do feel he unfairly maligns and dismisses those with clearly define political biases. Notwithstanding, my experience with the blog has been far more positive than negative and I hope he continues his great work. (How are we doing so far? . . . good.)

Then, the vent about the "exalted middle" should have been a totally separate post, unrelated to the Whisper's blog. Because, trust me, that is a stand-alone vent.

I just feel, people like Rocco should be encouraged in the Catholic community and not attacked with sharp knives. Creeps who subtely encourage or engender dislike of gays and political correctness are every bit deserving of sharp knives. This was clearly a case of using a canon to shoot a fly . . . in someone else's yard.


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