Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Diminution of the Clinton Brand

In watching MSNBC's coverage, Brian Williams spoke of President's Clinton recent role as attack dog for Hillary Clinton and about the "diminution of the Clinton brand." I thought he was right on. There is something patently unnerving about a past president acting the way Clinton has on behalf of a candidate in a party primary. It is understandable that he would support his wife, but inexcusable that he would act the way he has.

Clinton's legacy is already shaky as it is, rich in scandal and short on historical significance. It was a good time economically, but it left an ideologically drained and structurally weakened Democratic Party. This is what Obama alluded too with this Reagan comment, the Clinton legacy is not seen as monumental for the Party or country.

South Carolina will be fascinating to watch. Clinton is going to be swooping in like a flood to see if he can reclaim parts of the Black community. I hope no one gives into him and his lies.


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