Monday, February 04, 2008

Blacks vs Latinos

Via Salon's Blog Report

Do Blacks and Latino's Get Along?

On the study’s title question, the largest differences were between whites,
on one side, and the other groups, on the other, although blacks tended to see
black-Hispanic relations as better than did Hispanics. Among whites, only
8 percent thought that the other two groups got along "very well", while blacks
(24 percent) and Hispanics (22 percent) thought they did. On whether the
two minorities got along "pretty well," 31 percent of whites said yes, while 46
percent of blacks and 35 percent of Hispanics agreed. Hispanics were
significantly more likely than blacks to say that inter-group relations are
strained (30% vs. 18%). Reasonably enough, 29 percent of whites did not know or
refused to give their opinion on how the other groups got along.


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