Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Holiness Between the Sheets: Married Saints

I just saw an announcement in the Rite magazine, a magazine for liturgists.

It reads:

The National Center for the Laity is seeking to help the Vatican identfy married couples as candidates for canonization. It is looking to find couples who were devoted to each other (without choosing voluntary celibacy after raising their children), to their children and to their community. Preference will be given to North American couples. Write to the Center at P.O.Box 2921102, Chicago IL 60629

The words here have been chosen carefully so I don't think the Vatican asked them to search, but it seems that they have taken the initiative to do so and at some point will recommend a couple for consideration.

Rite is a publication of Liturgy Training Publications, which Cardinal George watches closely, so make of this announcement what you will.


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