Monday, July 01, 2002

I've been trying to read Spirit of Independence: by author Keith Rommel and it is just not working for me. The reviews of the book on his webpage are goodbut I guess if I had read them really closely, I might have reconsidered buying the book.

There are many typographical errors. I'm finding reading it a bear, so much so that I couldn't finish it last nite and put it away fustrated. I think he tries to do too much and does not flush out the story. So much happens that is unexplained and unexplainable and many decisions that the characters make are just plain unreasonable. The story and characters are simply not believable, even though this is religious fantasy.

I probably am looking at this from a traditional Christian viewpoint. This book violates must traditional views of good and evil and God. I hate to give a fellow upcoming writer a bad review, but I feel that my non-positive review is balanced out by the host of good ones he receives from others. There's always a danger of being overly positive in reviewing someone else's work so that the reciprocal action is similarly positive.

The good thing, though, is that because of my work schedule and family commitments, I haven't doen much reading. But since reading Murder Most Trivial: by author Kathryn Lively and Spirit of Independence: by author Keith Rommel, my thirst for reading has return and I am taking a second look at my fiction.


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