Tuesday, August 06, 2002

WYD:American vs. "Rest of the world Pilgrims"

The American devotion to rule of law sometimes provides for some humorous situations. (As a side note, we tend to go crazy over rules that come from the Vatican because we view laws as things that must be obeyed, while in Europe and many other parts of the world, rules and laws may be viewed as helpful suggestions or guidelines but certainly not items of absolute necessity.)

Back to WYD. On stage with the Pope at the Saturday night vigil, the organizers wanted pilgrims from all countries seated there. The American delegation was 80 pilgrims, and there were pilgrims from all other countries seated up there on stage.

As the pilgrims went up to the stage to take their places they were instructed that they were not allowed to have anything in their possession, no purses, bags, cameras, etc, absolutely nothing, it was a safety precaution. Well, reluctantly, the U.S. delegation placed all their items in the WYD choir tent and not without some concern, people had money, passports, expensive cameras and the like.

The group was also instructed to remain in its place and simply rise whem the Pontiff arrived. Well, would you know, as soon as the delegation got up there, they noticed something was amiss, everyone else seated up there had cameras and they were flashing away. Also, when the Pope finally arrived, there was a stampede as all the pilgrims on stage rushed to greet the Pope. Of course, the only people in their place were the U.S. delegation.

C'est la vie!


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