Monday, September 09, 2002

I hate Mondays after the Buffalo Bills lose. They lost the game on the starting overtime kickoff return which was returned for a touch down. However, there are bright spots, Bledsoe, Price, Moulds, Travis Henry are all as advertised. And the defense is not actually too bad. I'm seeing a 10-6 season, or possibly, 11-5, if we stay healthy.

My wife and I watched Ocean's Eleven last nite. I did not think that I'd like it but my wife wanted to see it. I actually ended up really liking it. Clever, not overly complicated, it was actually fairly straight forward. The acting was not Oscar calliber, but it was solid. Basically, a good movie.

Also, over the weekend I started reading a book by a lady named Barabra Korsness called Ancient Fire. She is part of the Catholic Writers Association, which is how I got to know of her. I have read about a third of the book and I really like it. I think I'll go to Amazon and give a positive review. The story gets an A for creativity and I don't think the remainder of the book will dissappoint me. I'm leaning towards a 3 and a half to four star out of 5 rating. One thing that I can't decided is what age range BK is primarily targetting, not that that means anything. The book is fiction/fantasy about a woman who is mysteriously transported back to pre-Abrahamic time to help preserve belief in the one true God. Sometimes fantasy is best targetted to teens, but adult like fantasy too, but because the nature of fantasy calls for the simplicity and belief of a child's heart, it is difficult to satisfy both audiences sometimes.

Anyway, I am happy with what I have read so far. Each time I had to put it down, I couldn't wait to pick it back up. It is that exciting. I hope the book does well, for what it's worth, I'd recommend it.


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