Wednesday, April 16, 2003

WSJ had an editorial today that was being discussed on CSPAN about the liberals being so pessimistic about the US and why.

I consider myself a moderate liberal and I am pessimistic and I think validly so. One word, George W. Bush. Bush himself may not personally be over right wing, but his cabinet is scary with only a few prominent moderates like Powell and Rice. The idea that Bush has forced and committed us as country to such unilaterist and overbearing foreign policy and domestically, a markedly right wing agenda with no room for moderates to breathe.

I am very curious about the 04 election and how that'll turn out. I think that Bush did motivate the radical left with the war and may then increase the pool of potential voters which is not good for Bush and not good for the Democrats either because these radical lefties tend to Nader.


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