Friday, May 16, 2003

Last nite's ER season finale was very good. I have to commend the producers for a very powerful show to cap off a lackluster and frankly, pathetic, season. Carter joined Luka in the Congo in NGO work and was exposed to the horrors of sub-saharan civil wars. I certainly hope that the nurse that appeared on the scene does not emerge as a major character and perhaps as Carter's love interest. She is a bilingual Montrealian who is apparently sex crazed and loose. I find it interesting how they seem to portray foreign women as exotic and sexually aggressive. This was how Corday (sp?) was depicted at first when she and Benton began to date. They are doing the same with this new nurse. She is a good actress and may bring character depth to the show, but only if they drop the overtly sexual dimension of her character.

I think Gallant's character has been a flop, lose him. Gant is irritating, lose him. Susan Lewis, wasted character, lose her. Romano, there's no where to go with him, lose him.


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