Monday, June 30, 2003

We just watched Star Trek II: Attack of the Killer Clones or something like that. My review: entertaining but tedious. Jedi's certainly do come off as anything special, I thought the that they were supposed to strike fear into the hearts of people and justifiably so, but they just appeared to extra-skilled swordsmen with cool light sabers. Also I found Yoda's speech to be annoying. They made it so that the verb is always at the end, which made for a silly way of speaking. One of two things, they either want to make him sound like he is translating internally from another language to English or make it so that he is just about speaking another language. The reason I am on their case about this is that with Jabba the Hut, they actually got anthropologist to fuse two obscure South American languages for the sake of authenticity. Now, they might have done something similar with Yoda, but it sure didn't sound like it. At the least, they could have written his parts in German and done a transliteration, I think that would have worked better.

We also finished our first season of 24 viewing, quite entertaining.

I am finishing initial edits on a manuscript that I am about to sign a contract for.

On the politcal front, I am trying to decide how involved in should get in the presidential campaign. I'm a Kerry democrat for now and my only goal in life is to get Bush out of office.


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