Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Is George Bush beatable in 2004? Yes. By whom? John Kerry, if he does it right.

It is a strange feeling when you wake up one day and realize that your baby is not a baby anymore, she's a toddler.

I read in the Washington post and opinion piece on Bush's tax cuts, the issue was that the $400 checks for child credit will only pump $14 billion into the economy and in our economy which is a multi trillion dollar economy, that barely makes a dent. ordinarily it is a bad idea, and worse in the present situation with decent jobs to come by and Americans mired in so much debt. Besides, oil hit $30/barrell today, which takes some of the bite out of our spending dollars.

I finished Saints Preserve Us by Katherine Lively, fun book, recommended, hopefully, I hope to provide a positive review for it when I am less tired and thinking more clearly. I'm now reading Conclave by Greg Tobin, page turner and gripping are the words that come to mind.


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