Monday, June 16, 2003

I have finally emerged from the stone age, my wife and I just got a DVD player and I also got a HP color printer. To celebrate this new DVD player we are watching the first season of Fox's hit show, 24, which has been quite good. The President character, who was a Senator at the time, is so much better in this series than in last season's.

I'm happy with my HP color printer, scanner, copier. The only problem is that I heard that HP puts a computer chip in the ink cartridges and they are programmed to stop working after a set time because they assume you would have used up all the ink. I've seen this happen repeatedly with a HP printer my wife uses for business. We have to change the cartridge regardless of how much printing we've done. I'll see if this is the case with mine.

A publisher sent a contract and I replied with some suggestions, no word yet. My book is Catholic sci fi, about aliens, the Catholic Church, Geo-politics and human destiny. Get your copy today (or whenever it comes out)!


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