Wednesday, July 09, 2003

I hate going to the dentist, but, I guess, thank God for them.

I am about to sign a contract with PublishAmerica to publish my first novel. They are step up from the other guys like 1stBooks Library that you pay $600 for them to to publish your book, but no other services. PublishAmerica publishes and edits at their costs. They also put the books in the distribution channels, the Ingrams, Amazon, etc, but they don't do marketing, that is all up to the author.

I wonder if it is worth it to try out with a larger publishing house that does everything including marketing. It may possibly work out better, but it would also probably take another year of waiting and discussions, etc. I think I can handle doing the leg work and publicity. First things first, get a webpage.

When I first turned in the manuscript it was 32,000 words, but after revisions and edits it is almost 46,000 words, which I am quite comfortable with. It is interesting science fiction story and I now need to be able to convey that through marketing.


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