Friday, July 11, 2003

I finally signed the publishing contract and will mail it later today. In anticipation of the marketing I will be doing for the book, I have reserved the domain name as a place to showcase the novel. I finally got it to 50,000 words yesterday and I think I have a few more hundreds of words to add to fill in gaps.

Hillary Clinton was on Letterman yesterday and I think David Letterman surprised everyone by engaging in a real intelligent conversation about politics. I was looking fort something light hearted, but he went deep. Me like.

I don't think this Uranium charge against Bush has much traction, I think Democrats would be better off dropping it. It is clear that someone else besides bush willbe the fall guy, presumably George Tenet because the administration's line now is that the CIA review the speech and offered no ammendments. Both Rice and Powell said this. What is interesting is that whenever the Bush administration needs to overcome a credibilty gap, they put Rice and Powell, the administration two top moderates and most trusted people, on the offensive.

I saw on another blog, someone called Catholic deacons "liturgical furniture." Unfortunately, these very talent men are used much as design pieces and not given serious roles. Not to even bring up the neglect of the laity.

I'm thinking of writing a quick primer on moral theology based on an adult education course I frequently teach. I find that many Catholics are still unaware of theory behind Catholic morality and there is a need to fill that gap. I still get eyebrows arch when I say one must follow one's conscience at all times even when it is wrong.


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