Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Mindless 24 Blather

I have a problem. I like to complain about shows, but I still end up watching them. One of those shows is 24 on Fox which has descended into utter madness.

Now, we are we? Okay, the Secretary of Defense was kidnapped and a silly Islamic terrorist trial was being held and broadcast on the internet. Jack Bauer, our indestructible hero, breaks into the California warehouse solo and saves the SoD and his daughter, with whom Jack has a thing going.

In the mean time SoD's son is being held at the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) and is suspected of withholding info. He has been tortured non invasively so far by the use of sensory disorientation. Yes, this story thread is nothing short of idiotic. But wait! It gets better. Daddy finds out his son is being held and has been tortured for 2 hours and promises that heads will roll. Daddy then goes to talk to sonny boy and says, "sonny do you have any information about the people who kidnapped me and sister today?" Son says it is private business if he had anything. Daddy then gives CTU further permission to continue the torture.

Then there is the upper middle class succesful sleeper cell Turkish family, which again proves, if it is from the Mideast, you can't trust it. Give those people an inch of success and they blow up the world. God save us from thos Turks, Arabs and Mideasterners. Well, the Araz family has killed son's white cluleless idiotic ditsy blonde girlfriend (SOP for 24) because she followed son when he delivered package to warehouse where SoD was being held. Now, Daddy Turk has decided, like all Turks, that son is expendable because he is "no longer our son," "we lost him," "he doesn't believe in our ideals anymore." Daddy Turk sends son with friend to dispose of body but son finds out that friend is supposed to kill son and somehow escapes.

Don't ask me why I watch this garbage, it actually used to be a good show. I'd recommend the last three seasons any day. I suggest strongly renting them from Blockbuster and seeing just how far the mighty have fallen.


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