Friday, February 25, 2005

This 5 Questions Business-thingie

Steve did a 5 question interview thing for Alexa and a few others did the 5 question interview. I didn't participate because the problem for me is that I just don't quite have answers, at least nothing interesting that is worth blog space or anyone's time.

For instance, I tried to answer the questions Steve gave Talmida:

1 - What is your favorite outdoor activity?

I don't know! I have absolutely no idea. In fact, I don't much like outdoors. So that answer won't have been much fun.

2 - If you had to move outside Canada, what country would you choose, and why?

That wouldn't apply to me, but in terms of moving . . . I have absolutely no idea where I'd like to go if I wasn't where I am. I figure if and when I move, I'd love it. See, no fun answer there either.

3 - What is your favorite food?

I swear, I don't have one.

4 - What is the furthest place you traveled from home?

Okay, this may be the only interesting answer I have. My life started in San Francisco, then Nigeria, then Washington DC, then Buffalo, then Marlyand and there has been a trip to England, so I'll leave you to calculate the distances.

5 - When you look back on your life, what are you most pleased about?

I dunno. I am married to the sexiest, most intelligent, most beautiful, spiritual and understanding woman alive and have the world's two most adorable kids, is that an answer or a cop out? I have to be pleased I guess about being in the PhD pipeline I suppose. Okay, so maybe I had a decent answer there. But two out of five is a terrible interview, which is why I don't do these things.

Okay, how about Steve's questions for Todd

1 - If you could take a family vacation for a week, and go anywhere, where would you go and why?

I wouldn't mind staying home and catching up on sleep.

2 - What did you listen to on the way to work this morning?

The Tony Kornheiser show. How lame is that? (Okay, I can see how that may be mildly interesting)

3 - Which musical instrument, that you don't play now, would you most like to learn?

The piano. Boh-ring. For Todd it was the Oboe. To make this even worth while, I need to have answer like that or the Timpani or glou . . . whatever, or harp.

4 - Name three famous people you would most like to have over for dinner.

There is no one I'd like to have over for dinner that is famous. Why would I? First, it would be a pain getting everything ready. And then we'll need to keep the conversation muted because our girls would be in bed by 7-7:30 ish, and it would be just too much "So what's your favorite_____." My wife's been trying to teach me small talk, "Wasn't the weather wonderful today?" Her rule is follow up with two questions or statments and absolutely eschew the single word answer. I normally answer, yes, no, maybe, I don't know, leaving the other participant the burden of continuing the conversation. A Paulist friend of mine noted that when we first met at Catholic U. and he introduced himself, that I rudely gave the shortest description of the Bachelor of Sacred Theology that he had ever heard and promptly moved on. I insist that his recollections are inaccurate and that I wouldn't have promptly walked off. I probably sauntered off. But it does speak to my inability and disdain for small talk which is why I wouldn't be interested in hosting a famous person for dinner.

5 - What do you like most about the town you live in?

I don't know. I live in Waldorf, MD which my wife describes as a "concrete jungle" with no character. We have slightly different views of character. She likes the Annapolis, MD, cobble stones, old colonial style houses character. I tend to like being around water and for me I like it when the people in the area have been connected to the land for hundreds of years. Southern MD is awash in history and that I love. We have the first ever Jesuit parish in the United States and many of the parishes in the area are history and hundreds of years old. That didn't quite answer the question.

Okay, maybe I would've done a little better with the second set of questions, but overall, I am just not that interesting and I don't have interesting answers that's why I'm not doing the 5 question thing. Sorry.


Blogger Talmida said...

Now ya see, those are the answers I wanted to read! I now know a couple of very interesting things about you, I know where the first Jesuit church in America is,("What is southern Maryland, Alec") and I know that we had better never meet, cause if neither one of us can small-talk, we'd just sit there staring at each other.

I love imagining you with 3 famous people at dinner, not talking-small very quietly so's not to wake your kids.

It makes me want to think of 3 famous people at dinner to be interrupted, made fun of and cross-examined by my 3 mouthy teenagers.

Maybe we could just send out for pizza?


6:59 PM  

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