Wednesday, April 13, 2005

American Idol Analysis Week 8

Here's my original order of picks

This week's theme was songs from the year you were born:

Nadia Turner--My little girl said, "mommy, she's not wearing pants!" After last week, when her appearance was widely acclaimed, she figured she could get by on wardrobe. No. I don't remember her song and Simon said it perfectly, she is like wallpaper, forgettable. She's out (like I said last week and the week before.)

Scott Savol--Hall and Oats, "she's gone." It was seriously out of tune. The bloom is off the rose for him. No one likes a wif. . . a domestic violence challenged person. That's going to be tough to overcome. He's out next week.

Vonzell Solomon--"Let's hear it from the boys." I have to say that I now think she can win this thing. She's got the voice and presence.

Bo Bice--I didn't get the song choice. He is a great performer, but he needs more common sense, pick well known songs.

Anthony Federov--Best perfomance, ever. He sang, "Everytime you go away, you take a piece of me with you." I'd pay 15 cents or whatever it is to download his rendition on to my potential mp3 player. It was that good. He's back. No chance to win, but he is coming in fourth.

Constantine Maroulis--This guy cracks me up. I though singing Queen was a mistake, but he is a showman and he pulled it off.

Anwar Robinson--Hmmmm. I wasn't excited. I think I was more distracted by his unbuttoned shirt. No, no, no, not like that (not that there's anything wrong with that). It's just that it was such a cheap attempt to get teenage girls all flustered and vote happy. He sang some song by Dionne Warwick. I thought it was so so.

Carrie Underwood--"country girl" did her rocker thing. It is good to see her break out of her shell. The judges seem to hate it when she breaks out, but I thought her Pat Benetar thing worked. And thank God, she lost the hairstyle. It was so 1984.

Paula Abdul is out of control. Someone needs to check up on what's in those coke cups and make sure it is the right kind of coke. She was high. It is a shame that people boo Simon so much because he is the only one who consistently tells it like it is.


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