Friday, April 15, 2005

Black-hole travel theory refuted


New research into black holes has shed doubt on the idea they could one day be used to travel across the universe.
Research presented at the Institute of Physics conference in Warwick indicates a person would not survive if they were swallowed by a black hole.

Instead, they would be instantly vaporised by a blast of hot gas.

Black holes are objects with extremely powerful gravity, that can suck up stars and tear them apart by sheer gravitational force.

Their gravity is so strong not even light can escape from them, making them impossible to see.

It had been previously thought that once inside a black hole, a person would see a powerful point of light, which would be a reflection of the entire universe, before being spat out at another point.

The theory led to speculation by scientists that black holes could be used to travel around the universe.

I've never been hot on the space travel black hole theories myself. I did not use them in my novel, nor am I using them in the current novel I am writing. For one, it is simply too easy. Secondly, the thing with black holes is that as you approach the event horizon, every thing gets absolutely whacked. Why? Because it is a black hole, i.e., it collapses space time around and all matter gets sucked in and it truly messes up everything around.

It is one of those deals where if two space ships approached a black hole and oen stayed to watch. Time would begin to change for both. It'd take years for the moving ship's messages to get to the stationary ship in what should normally take not long. (Okay, years maybe an exaggeration, but you get the point).


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