Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I'm not sure who gets more excited to see the Wiggles me or my kids. Okay, just kidding. But I have to admit, I have stayed to watch longer than was necessary. It may, I emphasiz may, be possible that I enjoy watching the Wiggles. I don't know. I am so intrigued by how four ordinary guys singing cheesy kids' songs can be the richest entertainers in Australia. Besides, there's something about four grown men singing kids' songs.

That said, my brain's been innundated with:

"Romp up the chump . . . Dorothy the dinosaur."

And I have to admit I get excited when they sing "Fruit salad, yummy, yummy . . ."

One advantage though is this. I was watching Jurassic Park on Saturday on the SciFi channel and the T-rex scenes were coming up and I faced the dilema of watching the dinosaur's while my daughter's were playing in the living room. And so I said, "Hey, look at the dinosaur. It's just like dorothy, only he doesn't like roses and he gets very hungry."


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