Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Lost the Loop

I am so far out of the loop these days I can't even find the loop and I got spammed in the process. There are times that I lose interest in the clutter of the Catholic world not online, but in general. I find very little going on to captivate me. But c'est la vie, I'm certain there's an event out there that'll get the juices going again soon.

I just bought a cookbook called "Four Ingredients." The idea is that all the recipes are four ingredient recipies. The problem is that one ingredient maybe "a chicken cassarole"--slick uh? I did like a bunch of the recipies, but they were somewhat exotic and not your everyday eaters. So I returned the book. It did have a couple of pork recipes that I would actually eat and some of the vegetarian options were quite good.

To prove my brain is mush, I thought the cookbook was about the different recipe combinations from the same four ingredients. Everyone I say that to laughs at me. Now, looking back, it does sound pretty stupid.

I did make an egg plant parmesan from scratch the other day and boy was it good. I'm trying to get into more deliciousy veggy dishes.


Okay, so I hate the ends of novels. I also hate the beginnings--the whole setting up everything crap. I think ends and beginnings should be banned.

As for current fiction project, I finally broke through with an idea that would add sufficient final depth to the story and I think I can drop the pen when I am done working this throughout the story. That'll take a while and many more pages, but I'm happy just to have break through. I currently obsessed with writing a story that's over 300-350 pages long. In looking a successful fiction novels, with the exception of young adult fiction, these things go into the hundreds and hundreds of pages.

Of course, I do not want to pull a Dostoyevski where one hundred pages into Crimes and Punishment I'm still in the dude's head, eight minutes into the night, trying to figure out what the heck he did.
There's still hope with the Bills. Although, part of me wants them knocked out of playoff contention early so that Losman can get in his reps now and pull an Eli Manning. There is the feeling among the team that they are playoff calliber. The defense is okay good, the offense is not very good. What is the point of the playoffs?