Friday, October 28, 2005

Republicans Want Diversity

I do not support nor care about Miers because she is Bush crony and strikes me as not very competent. Actually, I wouldn't have minded Al Gonzales because he is competent and not idealogical, even though he is a Bush crony.

I read clips of some of Miers' statements culled from her history and she sounded like Bush on the bench-scarry thought really. Let's say that her concepts, even if they were well formed, were not articulated with any responsible degree of clarity.

However like Ambrose I am grossly offended by the whole Ivy league crap, i.e, only Ivy leaguers are suitable for the Supreme Ct. So with the exception of John Kerry, who actually got his law degree from Boston College, I will never throw my support behind any SCOTUS ivy league nominee. I'll with just about go with any other school with the exception of schools like University of Alabama or Ole Miss (just a tad nervous).

TX sen Hutchison, made a point yesterday that diversity is important on the bench (and then she tried to back track but still couldn't get out). The fact that we have ex-fed judges and ivy leagues for all 8 justices is not good. We need politicians and state folks to round out the perspectives. I think a Senator would make a great choice because they would write decisions tinged with pragmatism.

BTW, Sen Kennedy pointed out how conservatives have their litmust test and used it to rule out Miers. I'm sure in the interest of integrity, next time a nominee shows up, I imagine they'd be the last people to talk aboutnot having a litmus test.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Finally read "The Giver"

by Lois Lowry. Gathering Blue mentioned below is the companion to The Giver. Great book. I hated the ending, but I suppose everyone does. I think she has a couple more books out there I need to read.

I'm also reading a mystery thriller by James Twinning called "Double Eagle." It's okay--not a page turner, but interesting enough to keep me reading. I also just got me an Eric Benet CD. Cool stuff--Accoustic guitar style R&B, cool voice. I think he is one of those stealth secular artist Christians whose music on the surface sounds like everything else out there, but a little scrutiny reveals that's it's all cleaner that it first appears, which is cool because I have to listen to it with my girls present.

I'm trying to find new authors to read for after Lowry, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

In the mean time the Bills are in first place in football's toughest division, the AFC East (shut up!!). We just may have a shot at winning the division and then come the playoffs were anything could happen. If Trent Dilfer and Mark Rypien can win superbowls, so can Kelly Holcomb. We have a decent enough defense, above average special teams, and an offense that's above average.

I've hit writer's block with my current writing project, Children of Clay, but I'm up to 280 pages, so I can't complain. I think I need to do more research and sit on it for a while longer.

Friday, October 07, 2005

"Gathering Blue" by Lois Lowry

I just finished Lois Lowry's Gathering Blue. It's a young adult fantasy novel. It is very easy reading and very good. Of course, any adul, 3/4 ways into the book can see where it is leading, but I suppose the twists and turns work quite well on young adults.

As is my custom, I will read the rest of her books and get her out of my system. I certainly hope they are not all the same. We'll see.