Wednesday, July 03, 2002

In my post earlier today I made a few points, one of which I wish to expound on.

It is theologically crucial that Jesus' full human nature is derived from Mary and not created by God, or the purpose of God's revealed plan of salvation is nullified. Note that God could have created the man Christ from the dust of the ground but it important that Christ be of the seed of Adam, the seed of Abraham, of the House of David and the second Adam who would undo what the first Adam did and regain what the first Adam abdicated.

This is why I insist that Jesus' full and complete human nature is solely from Mary's intervention with NO help, so to speak, from God. She was even made immaculate for the purpose that the sacred flesh of Christ be untainted..

In the early Church there were heretical sects that taught that Christ's humanity was not real but only an apparition, even his death. The Church countered and insisted that Christ was fully human and to make this point, the phrase "born of the Virgin Mary" was inserted into the creeds. This phrase, as most historians and mariologists agree, was less of a statement about Mary and more about Christ's real humanity. I hope this fully explains my position.


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