Wednesday, July 03, 2002


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One question I had was about your assertion that "it is theologically crucial that Jesus' full human nature is derived from Mary and not created by God, or the purpose of God's revealed plan of salvation is nullified.",

I don't think that Jesus can be, biologically, the descendant of David whether he is a "clone" of Mary or not because the genealogies in both Matthew and Luke make clear that the Davidic descent comes through Joseph not Mary.,

On a different matter, I'm not sure why Jesus would be any less fully human if God had, in some sense, placed a blastocyst in her womb rather than "cloning" Mary. Human is human, it seems to me.,

You say this is theologically "crucial" but I'm not aware of any dogmatic pronouncement from the Church that takes a definitive position on the biology of Jesus' conception. Can you enlighten me?,

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Peter Nixon
Sursum Corda

I'll be happy to respond. Please give a few days for the break and to dig up sources, quotes or any pronouncements that may exist. If I am correct, for the sake of clarity, the issue is: is it necessary that the entirety Christ's human nature come from Mary? Couldn't God have created afresh some part of it? The question is not the content of XT's human nature but its source(s).


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