Tuesday, January 28, 2003

The Bucs won. Another team wins the super bowl and its name is not the Bills. I should have known that the Bucs would take this one. It is similar to the Bills superbowl against the giants and the Redskins. The Bills offense was very highly ranked and on the paper the Giants did not stand a chance, but they ground it out and the slow plodding team with a solid defense won, even if by three inches. The Redskins did have an explosive offense but a very solid defense and the smacked the pancakes out of the Bills. I jus think defenses are able to disrupt good offenses easier than offenses disrupting defenses. Another example was the New England/Rams super bowl. The Patriots smacked the Rams all up and down the field and look what happened.

So what's the deal with the Bills. I'll tell you. A solid pass rushing linebacker, a freak type defensive end, a solid pass catching tight end and chunky defensive line guy who can join with Pat Williams in stuffing the run. Give the Bills all that and they'll rule the world.


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