Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Where on earth has all this talk about abandonning the space program come from? The media is hyping a fringe point of view for the sake of ratings. Of course, space exploration is inherently dangerous but that is why we call it exploration and not routine.

The Pope will be releasing shortly an encyclical on the Eucharist . . . I'm not sure what to think. He is the Pope and certainly should teach, but I am wary because I think the point here is to reign things in. Oh well, this is the way it is.

I am officially of the Alias bandwagon. They have turned a very classy, tight, and well written show into a silly, contrived, sex sells, piece of junk. I am very dissappointed with the writing. It is amazing how quickly things have changed from the first season to the second. The first season was great, excellent, but the problem was that they moved way too fast and what could have comfortably been three seasons was crammed into one. But we figured they had a bunch up their sleeves which was why they had to move that pace. Well it turns out there was nothing. Next time, they need to take a page out of the X-flies book. That's a show that knew how to keep a plot going for years.

I guess 24 is the only show that I have any remote interest in. It does seem to be getting better so, at least, i can look forward to something weekly.


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