Monday, April 21, 2003

Your life changes a lot when you have children, I guess that goes without saying. With children you have to learn to juxtapose "busyness" and the natural energy and restlessness of children with silence and quietness of spirituality. In fact, your spiritual life is only meaningful if there is true holiness in the mundane acts of caring for your children. This is why there needs to be an increased focus on married lay people, even in the canonization process. Unfortunately, it hasn't happened and it will be a while before it does.

Nonetheless, there is very little not love when you are trying to stiffle a scream or hold down the little ones during mass. It may seem to distract you from what's going on "up there" but for me the devotion to the children is the point of life, even religious life and spirituality.

As for Easter services, I experienced the quickest ever Good Friday and Easter Sunday services ever known to humankind. Good friday's was over in much less than an hour and Easter Sunday was over in 35 minutes. The primary reason was that there was no singing at either mass. It seems that the music people were not available. Now, I am not one to complain unless I am going to do something about it. I felt that if I was to complain then I also need to step up the plate and offer to cantor (I am an average/ below average singer). The other thing was that the Good Friday mass was not as full, so the kissing of the cross and communion did not take long at all.


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