Thursday, April 24, 2003

24 on Fox seems to be drifting a little. It is still a quite good show, but they need to do less with Jack's daughter and resolve the rather stupid intra--administration coup attempt. The issue is that a terrorist nuclear disaster was averted in the US. The bomb did go off but in the relative safety of a remote Nevada desert. There is proof that three Middle Eastern countries cooperated in this terrorist attack and the President called airstrikes on them and also is mobilizing forces for a war. However, the President has doubts because star, Jack Bauer, may have proof that the evidence used to justify the US military response is forged and that the President is being manipulated into a war for some unknown person's gain. The President has asked Jack to get proof that his evidence is a fake. While Jack's out hunting this evidence down, the President's cabinet and VP are planning a mutiny based on some obscure provision in the Constitution that allows a majority of Cabinet members to declare the President unfit to rule. This is an issue because some think that his hesitance and deliberate style is bordering on criminal, negligent and weak.

Is that stupid or what? We are talking here about 2-3 hours after the bomb went off. Even in the case of 9-11 it took hours to articulate an idea and days to formulate a clear response. No sane peson would even attempt to depose the President in a time like this especially in a case of hours after the incident. I know what they are trying to do and I think there are ways to get there, but this story line has turned out to be a blotch on an otherwise engaging plot.


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