Monday, April 21, 2003

On the Pope's Eucharist encyclical. I note one adjustment that I am going to have to make when I teach about the Eucharist. I have frequently maintained that Eucharistic devotions are subordinate to its primarily purpose which is to be eaten. This tends to be a major contention of theological liberals. Well, the Pope has placed Eucharistic adoration and holy hour type things as an essential part of the essence of the Eucharist. He referred to John leaning on the Jesus' chest has an example of spending time and displaying affetion for Christ in the Eucharist. I'm certainly not enthralled about this but when you teach Catholic theology, you teach what the Church teaches and not your personal opinions.

I'm yet to read the entire thing, but it seems that it is basically what has been advertised, a conservative statement to crack down on liberal tendencies.


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