Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Sidebar scripture change alert.

I removed the Isaiah 14 scripture and replaced it with Jeremiah 45. When I used to believe that God spoke to me through Scripture, He did through those verses.

The previous Isaiah scripture, I was watching Trinity Broadcasting Network, (I know, I have no shame) and this dude was preaching and he quoted that Scripture and that was the Lord speaking to me. Powerful stuff. I have a terrible weakness. I miss beyond imagination, my good ol days of Protestant Pentecostal preaching and so I frequently visit TBN for my weekly fix. I don't have favorites. My wife and I really like that Joel Osteen guy. The man is annointed. I like some of T.D. Jakes stuff. But generally, I check them out during the nightly Praise the Lord show and see who's on and there's some good stuff that comes on. I used to like Rod Parsely until he began to use his preaching to further right wing hate stuff, he was pushing the gay bashing anti-gay marriage ammendment and I signed off and will not watch him again. His loss.

Besides Parsely and a few others, I do not watch anyone from Okalahoma, with the exception of Carlton Pearson, who bucked the Pentecostal trend and welcomed gays into his congregation and has taken hell for it. There is something particularly disturbing about the conservatism in Oklahoma and the Christians there are at the thick of it. The other day, I was watching Praise the Lord and this guy was talking about his Church back home in Oklahoma City. Click, nuff said.

Another guy, I like. I feel guilty saying this, but is a Louisiana Cajun guy by the name of Jesse Duplantis. I knew of him in my Pentecostal days. He is funny. I can listen to him for hours. He does make fun of Catholics, but even Catholics make fun of Catholics. Anyway, like Stu Scott on ESPN says, "And the Lord, you gotta rise up!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i cant help but feel that carlton pearson is close to becoming a judas. he is choosing to ignore the word as a whole and follow the half facts of satan. truth is only truth when its taken or received in its entirety . the devil is going to use him to get the people to crucify christ instead of their flesh and then hes going to destroy him . no doubt carlton followed jesus at one time as did judas . but judas began to hear and follow another voice.the same voice that tempted jesus and said turn these stones into bread . jesus said man shall not live by bread alone but by EVERY WORD that proceeds out of the mouth (not mouthS)of god. one god one mouth one truth.repent and receive. eve and adam could eat of all the fruit except of 1 particular fruit.they were surrounded with life. they listened to another voice of half fact instead of the voice of complete truth.they denied NOT their flesh or self desires and ate of something that looked good to them because they were looking at it thru the eyes or reasoning of a deceiver(who of course was also self deceived).they should've seen it thru the EYES of god which is the word.adam and eve were banished from paradise because they didnt choose to RECEIVE the WORD(Son)of God.they only heard it and saw it(creation)and lived it for a time.they were surrounded by truth.yet rejected a part of it.instead of receiving,obeying and living all of it for all time. and we know the rest.
god has complete and clear vision.he doesnt need glasses.human beings have to depend onthe whole WORD to see.the WORD of God is the prescription from the great physician for ones sight to be restored.not the word of carlton or anyone else.SEE for yourself. so carlton is in my prayers as well as all the lost and deceived.

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