Monday, January 06, 2003

For any half-way decent football fan, this weekend was great.

First, the Fiesta Bowl. I'm not sure why people acted surprised that Ohio State was competitive and even won. Mel Kiper Jr. had said weeks ago that Miami may have been the best team but they weren't head and shoulders above everyone else. Well, I guess he was right. And don't tell me about a blown call because that is simply part of the game. If they were that much better then their season shouldn't have to come down to one play. With all the hype, I just wondered if the expected Ohio State to come in, roll over and play dead?

Same idea with the Falcons and Green Bay, who cares that green Bay had never lost a post season game at Green Bay, were the Falcons supposed to play dead or forfiet the game?

I have to confess, I thought the Niners and Steelers dead in the water, but I am a full believe in the never say die attitude. I pulling for the Titans and the Jets to reach the AFC finals and I don't care who gets there in the NFC. I would be content if either the Jets or Titans won it all. I' d love to see Steve McNair get his due as a quarterback or Herm Edwards win the Super Bowl, and perhaps open more doors for Black coaches.

Yesterday, when I was watching the games, during a commercial break I surfed to the Discovery channel and was hooked for the next couple of hours. They had a show on a survival course for Marines and the next show was about an Army Sniper training school class. I'm a sucker for military stuff, not joining is one of my greatest regrets. If you can imagine, these programs took me away from NFL playoff games. They were awesome and no, I don't think it's a mid-life crisis thing--I'm not even a midlifer yet.


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